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Happy doctors change the world.

We believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently about how we practice and live. Our vision is simple: inspired physicians doing their best work and enjoying it. 

Welcome to the Party


I'm Ainsley and I'm obsessed with a simple idea: happy physicians do better work. And when docs are happy, it's better for everyoneI help docs figure what they want and how to get it so they can be their best. 

Medicine's tough - the paperwork, the difficult conversations, the after-hours work, the unreasonable requests, the system issues... I get it - I'm in it too: it can feel impossible to overcome.

I used to say to myself: 'I cannot do this for another 10 years. This is not sustainable.' I was FINE, but I wasn't enjoying it. It was costing me and I was looking for exits.

In my search to get OUT, I learned how to make changes that I didn't think were possible. Fast forward to today: I'm still practicing medicine and I LOVE IT. 

I've been there and I want to help.. so I made something for people like us:

A group coaching program for docs ready for change. I've taken everything that I've seen work from 5 years coaching business leaders and professionals, Co-Active and Lightyear Coach Certification, and coaching Akimbo's flagship altMBA business leadership program and I've put it into this workshop: a group-coaching program for Doctors like us who are ready to try something different.

Our next cohort is in March; spots are limited so if you're thinking about joining us, get on it!


In the Mood for Change is a breath of fresh air to fill your sails and turn what could be a heavy lift into a fun and enticing project.


You'll find what you need to move forward with meaningful changes: clarity, confidence, tangible tools, frameworks and community. ITMC contains everything I know about creating the balance and life you really want; even when it seems impossible.

What Can I Expect?

  • a community of practice and connection with like-minded people

  • weekly live group coaching and support

  • clarity about what you want (and confidence to move ahead)

  • tools and frameworks - think goal-setting, mindset, boundaries, communication strategies etc

  • a project management approach that is jet fuel for whatever you're working on

  • a resource library to support your projects now and into the future

  • a good time with like-minded people - because that's the point: more enjoyment, starting now.

If you are TIRED of:

  • your work spilling into your personal life

  • feeling drained  

  • feeling frustrated by inefficiency

  • not having enough time for the important (to you) stuff

  • craving a more satisfying experience

  • not getting enough exercise 

  • feeling guilty about any or all of the above

Welcome! This is for you.

Even some of the brightest amongst us, the best docs we know, struggle with this.
And understandably, right?

You've been trying to figure it out, but it's hard to find the time or energy to dedicate to it. And it sucks tackling it on your own.

But now you're here. 

Whether you have some ideas you're excited to try or you don't know where to start, this experience will help you clarify what you want and provide clear approaches for following through with confidence... and you won't be alone: you'll be with like-minded physicians, all there for the same reason. 

This is for Doctors who: 

  • are ready to think differently about how they do things

  • want more EASE in their day

  • want to finish on-time

  • want to have time for the important stuff... the meaningful stuff

  • want to make changes and want more clarity and to feel more confident about what changes to make

  • want a framework for making changes and help implementing it

  • want to feel like they have more time 

  • value being a part of a group, connection and community

  • want to figure things out the fun way

  • who are ready to invest in themselves

  • who want to explore new perspectives in a non-judgmental environment 

  • who are ready to take ownership of their experience

This is NOT for people who: 

x  have not completed their medical training (if you're a Resident and you want this, msg me pls).
x  have it 'all figured out'
x  don't value community or learning from others 
x  are looking for counselling; counselling is GREAT, this is not counselling
x  aren't feeling resourced enough to explore new ideas in a group 
x  don't think fun belongs in a learning environment 
x  aren't committed to psychological safety for the group
x  want to focus on their own work and aren't interested in supporting peers or sharing the opportunities in group sessions
x  can't commit to confidentiality
x  aren't ready to invest in themselves and their future
x  aren't in a place to practice safely and independently 

Some of my work:

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  • more EASE 

  • finishing when you plan

  • taking better care of yourself

  • have time and energy for the fun stuff ... the meaningful stuff

  • feeling better about all of it

If you have questions email me - let's make sure this is a good fit!


“I am excited about coaching; it's simple but directed and mobilizing. It is a very active approach to cultivating the life you want.” 

—  Physician



Ainsley is a Hospitalist and a Certified Coach. Ainsley uses the Co-Active, Lightyear Leadership and altMBA models. Ainsley coaches for the UBC Department of Family Medicine.


Ainsley's mission is bringing the best of coaching and leadership development to physicians so that they have everything they need to build a sustainable, balanced practice... like she has! When she's not in the hospital or coaching, Ainsley is outside  doing stuff she loves with people she cares about. If she's honest, she's sort of always thinking about coaching, whether it's on a chairlift or whale-watching (which turned out to be a great business meeting btw.)

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