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Everyone wins when doctors are at their best.

We believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently about how we practice and live. Our vision is simple: inspired physicians doing their best work and enjoying it. 

Welcome to this important step towards what you want. 

You're here because you're thinking about how you can make things better or accelerate your progress on something that's important to you. 


You're in the right place. 

We're all working on something, at least the aspirational amongst us are. Doctors are smart, successful and hard working. We also have lots going on and aren't always making the progress we wish we were (or feel like we should be). This is where I come in. 

Coaching makes your progress quicker, more satisfying, more fun, less painful, less stressful and generally higher yield.  

Let's get you where you want to be.

Work with Me

1:1 Coaching involves meeting with me online or by phone for confidential, private coaching sessions. We meet every 1-3 weeks, depending on our schedules and what you're working on. Our focus can be as narrow or as broad as you want: you're in the drivers seat. As long as it's important to you, it's coachable. And it's worth it.

Find out if this is what you're looking for. Email me to Book a Consult Call. There's no cost or commitment required.


Group Coaching involves connecting with like-minded people and learning together in a structured way. I offer a Group Coaching Program for Physicians, with group coaching calls, individual support and an educational professional development framework. I also offer a Mastermind for Physicians; a facilitated group coaching experience where participants work on their goals or projects, in community.

Join our waitlist & sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop. 

Self Coaching is a new offering, specifically designed for people who don't feel like they're able to commit to 1:1 or Group Coaching yet but want to move forwards towards their goals (even when they're short on time, money or energy).  Self Coaching includes a simple daily coaching question via email and weekly worksheet (aka playsheet) built to help you find more time, energy and cash for the things you really want to get to. 

I usually work with doctors but I make exceptions for people who are well-established, high-achieving and ready for more. I've coached executives, entrepreneurs, founders and engineers alike. 

If you'd like to work with me and you're not a doctor, get in touch and sign up for our newsletter below to receive updates about what's available and juicy coaching nuggets in the meantime.

Please note, I am unable to coach former or current patients. No exceptions will be made.

Welcome to the Party


I'm Ainsley and I'm obsessed with a simple idea: happy physicians do better work. When doctors are happy, it's better for everyone. I help doctors with whatever they're working on so they can be their best. 

Medicine can be intense. It can be hard to strike the right balance for ourselves and find fulfillment. I get it - I'm in it too.


I used to say to myself: 'It's fine, I'm fine, but I can't do this for another 10 years. It's not sustainable.' I wasn't loving it; it was costing me and I was looking for EXITS.

In my search to get out, I learned how to make changes that I didn't think were possible.


Fast forward to today: I'm still practicing medicine but I LOVE IT. Now I'm helping others do the same.

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“I am excited about coaching; it's simple but directed and mobilizing. It is a very active approach to cultivating the life you want.” 

—  Physician


About Ainsley

Ainsley is a Hospitalist and a Coach certified by CTI and Lightyear Leadership. In addition to her work with physicians, Ainsley coached Seth Godin's business leadership program altMBA and coaches residents for the University of British Columbia Department of Family Medicine.


Ainsley's mission is bringing the best of coaching and leadership development to physicians so that they have everything they need to build a sustainable, balanced practice. Her vision is culture change in medicine, one happy doctor at a time.


When she's not at the hospital or coaching, Ainsley is outside doing stuff she loves with people she cares about. If she's honest, she's sort of always thinking about coaching and cultivating possibility, whether it's walking the dog, on a chairlift or whale-watching.


Ready to move forward but not sure where to start?

No problem. Book a Consult Call. We'll figure out what you're looking for and whether this a good fit.

There's no cost and no commitment so get in touch

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