Thriving doctors change the world.

We believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently about how we live and practice. Our vision is simple: inspired physicians doing their best work and enjoying it. 

Welcome to the Party

I'm Ainsley and I'm obsessed with a simple idea: happy physicians change the world. 

Work satisfaction and a feeling of balance in your life are prerequisites to making your greatest contribution (and having a career you love).

What you'll find here are experiences and resources made for you. The goal? To help you create a sustainable work experience you're excited about and have the impact you strive for.

Who We Are

We are impact-oriented and want to enjoy what we do. We have achieved what we set out to accomplish and are ready for what's next. And we want to enjoy it.

We know we have great careers with big potential. We're looking for better balance and more fulfillment.


I'm a Family Doc, Hospitalist and Coach. I'm a Certified Co-Active Coach and Level 1 Certified Lightyear Leadership Coach. In addition to what I do here, I coach Seth Godin's altMBA and Residents for the UBC Department of Family Medicine.

I'm bringing strategy, innovation and design to the way we live and practice medicine, helping docs figure out exactly what they want and how to get it. 

It is a beautiful thing to decide, with confidence, what you want and make it happen.

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1:1 and Groups

For individuals and practice groups looking to level up, 1:1 coaching and group facilitation brings clarity and confidence to your direction and adds jet fuel to achieving the outcome you're after.

Programs are tailored to fit your schedule and are designed to be high-impact work that you'll look forward to. We're ready for projects and challenges of all kinds, big and small. If it's important to you, we're here for it.


Better Visits Better Days

BVBD is a 4-part workshop built to transform your day. Bring innovation and design to the patient visit and optimize your day. Explore new tools and frameworks and apply them to leverage your strengths and meet your unique practice needs.

Accepting applications for summer cohort; link below to register interest.

Leadership Mastermind

Elevate your leadership and accelerate your projects in our facilitated Mastermind programs. 

Join a community of practice with like-minded physicians committed to improving themselves and others. Share questions, insights, challenges and solutions as you build momentum together.

Everyone benefits when leaders get better (and when doctors become better leaders!)


Accepting applications for fall cohort; email to register interest.

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“I am excited about coaching; it's simple but directed and mobilizing. It is a very active approach to cultivating the life you want.” 

—  Physician


The next step? Get in touch.. and get where you want to go.

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