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Better Leaders, Better Care

Better Visits, Better Days

Better Visits, Better Days is a punchy course for anyone interested in improving their workday. 


Together, we break the patient visit down into components and then optimize each to suit you and your practice. Whether you have a specific problem to solve or just want to hone your practice, Better Visits, Better Days is made for individual physicians to get exactly what they need to do their job better and enjoy it.

BVBD docs identify new opportunities to influence their patient interactions and their day. They feel confident and equipped to design and implement small changes that create a big impact. While BVBD focuses on the patient visit, the concepts and tools that you'll master can be applied broadly; spoiler alert - optimizing the visit will be just the beginning. 

What to expect: Engaging, experiential learning in community with like-minded physicians. Weekly hour-long sessions are supported with office hours and asynchronous coaching via group text if desired.

Take the Lead

I'm ready to up-level and enjoy a fulfilling career that fits into my life. 

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